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7 Best Things To Do in Montecito | Blackhawk Limousine & Party Buses

A limo in Montecito, California
As a leading provider of Montecito limos, our limo services visit this community on a daily basis. Known for its many celebrity residents, booking limousine services here is far from unusual. But what is it to see in Montecito? Contrary to popular belief, there are many destinations here visited by party buses and Santa Barbara limo services. Golfing at the famous country club is a popular activity for limo clientele, but also the many restaurants here are common limousine destinations. 

Let us present our “Top 7 Best Things To Do in Montecito, California!”

1. Lotusland

By far the most famous landmark, Walska Lotusland is also the best-rated activity in town on TripAdvisor. This 37-acre park includes some of the world’s rarest plant species. There’s also a pond, Lotus Pond, and lush botanical gardens. Two-hour tours of the gardens are available, and the Japanese Garden is a must to see.

2. First Class Dining

Party bus services in Santa Barbara, CA
Why go all the way to Santa Barbara for dining, when there are so many award-winning restaurants in town? Lucky’s steakhouse on Coast Village Road might be the most famous, often served by limo services from Santa Barbara and even Los Angeles. For the best ocean views, head to Four Season’s Bella Vista or Tydes Restaurant. For the best Mexican, head to Cava Restaurant & Bar on Coast Village Road. Stella Mares on Los Patos Way serves great French cuisine, while Pane E Vino has the town’s best Italian cuisine. Ordering a limo service or party bus to the eateries of town might be your best chance of spotting one of the town’s celebrities. Most of the best restaurants are located in the Upper Village part of Montecito.

3. Wine-Tasting Tours

This town is surrounded by great wine-tasting venues and vineyards. Santa Barbara’s backyard vineyards in Santa Ynez are the most popular tours, but there are also various wine-tasting rooms in and around town. Many stop by the Wine Bistro on San Ysidro Road, while the wine bar at Trattoria Mollie is a local favorite.

4. Best Beaching

Beach in Santa Barbara
Montecito is home to some of the most scenic beaches in Santa Barbara County, including Butterfly- and Miramar Beaches. Located on Channel Drive right across from Four Seasons Biltmore is where we find the idyllic Butterfly Beach. Named for its many winter monarch butterflies, this might be the most visited beach in town. Miramar Beach is situated right below another famous resort, namely the Miramar Hotel Santa Barbara. Both beaches are definitely worth looking into and offer some great swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and picnicking.

5. Gallery Tours

Gallery tours are popular with limo clients. Easton Gallery on Hot Springs Rd was established in 1990 and is a famous gallery in the Santa Barbara region. Come here to see local art and paintings. Numerous other galleries are located in town, mostly on Coast Village Road.

6. Explore The Outdoors

The most popular trail in town might be the Ennisbrook Trail, which is a 1.9-mile loop from 1788 San Leandro Lane. It is located within the San Ysidro Creek Preserve in the heart of town and is a forested trail along a creek. The more experienced hikers head up to the Cold Springs East Fork Trail for the 3.5-mile hike to Montecito Peak. From this peak, you can see as far as all the California Channel Islands, Santa Barbara, and nearby mountains. Alternatively, check out the less than two-mile Hammond Meadow Trail from Shalawa Meadow. This trail follows the gorgeous villas and scenic beaches along the coastline. A park often visited by limousine clientele for wedding photos and picnics is Manning Park, located at 449 San Ysidro Road.

7. Casa del Herrero

A true Santa Barbara landmark, this home, and garden is a popular destination for tourists booking limos. This eleven-acre site is registered as a U.S. Historic Landmark and dates back to the mid-1920s. Ninety-minute guided tours of the Spanish-style home are available several days per week. The beautiful 11-acre property features botanical gardens and Spanish architecture at its best.

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All of these local treasures are often visited by a number of celebrities reserving limousine services in Montecito. Just a few of the celebs residing here are Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Cruise, and an array of others. Not bad for a community of barely 9,000 residents! Order your limousines and party buses from Blackhawk today! We offer award-winning wine-tasting tours of Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, and other nearby wine regions.