Saturday, November 26, 2016

Santa Monica Mountains: Best Wine-Tasting, Restaurants, and More!

Our own backyard national park land — the Santa Monica Mountains — stretches from the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and westwards to Ventura County’s Point Mugu. You may think of hiking and camping, but the Santa Monica’s are also home to numerous restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and more. And in recent years, this region has experienced a wine renaissance with a growing number of wineries and tasting venues. As of 2016, the Santa Monica’s are in fact home to over fifty wineries and some of our most popular wine tours include those to the Malibu Canyons and elsewhere in the Santa Monica’s. No matter if it’s for picnicking, wine-tastings, dining or any other activity, one thing is guaranteed, this is a place of peace and solitude secluded from the city’s hustle and bustle. Let us present some of the most popular limo destinations here, including restaurants, tasting venues, hiking trails and more!

An evening at Malibu Family Wines
Separating the Conejo Valley from the Pacific Ocean, ordering Newbury Park limousine rides crossing the mountains are tremendously popular. Roads crossing the Santa Monica’s are also the shortest way for those living in the Greater Thousand Oaks Area in order to head to the beach or to Malibu. However, what many don’t realize is the large amount of eateries and wineries tucked away in various canyons here. Whether by an LA- or Santa Barbara party bus, these places are worth the travel! Wine tours to the Santa Monica’s and Malibu Canyons are more popular than ever before, and our favorite tasting-venues are Malibu Family Wines, Cornell Winery & Tasting Room as well as SIP Malibu Grapes. Being our most popular Malibu limo service destinations, these tasting-rooms all offer something unique. Maybe the most popular, Malibu Family Wines, is nestled in its own canyon with gorgeous views and a stunning atmosphere. Here people come to enjoy wines, and, on weekends, there are most often live entertainment such as standup comedy, outdoor movie screenings and concerts. During events as these, there are also often food-trucks on the spot offering tacos, burritos, etc. Maybe best of all, this winery also offers their own exclusive safari tours with animals such as zebras, camels, alpacas, water buffalos, American bison, giraffes, yaks, and more! Tucked away in the tiny unincorporated mountain community of Cornell, about halfway between Agoura Hills and Malibu, is where we find the Cornell Winery & Tasting Room. Offering a more rustic feel, Cornell also brags one of the area’s largest wine collections. It is located right next-door to the Old Place Restaurant, one of the region’s best eateries. Traveling to Malibu restaurants or wineries with limos for rent is the utmost luxury and makes for an unforgettable memory!

The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills is just 3.5 miles
from wine-tasting venues in the Santa Monica’s.
Besides the Old Place Restaurant, there are numerous other restaurants in the Santa Monica’s. As recently as yesterday we had an LAX airport transfer stop by the Rock Store in order to grab a bite on the way to the airport. But the most popular restaurants by far are the Malibu Café, Saddle Peak Lodge and the Old Place Restaurant. Possibly the most popular eatery in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Malibu Café, is a hidden gem nestled in its own canyon by a creek and forest. A more beautiful setting or atmosphere for dinner is hard to come by. Situated on a ranch on the border of the cities of Agoura Hills and Malibu, the Malibu Cafe is also known to locals as the M Café. Being a top destination for our Malibu limo service, the peaceful setting and beauty of the M Café will not let you down. Lastly, the Saddle Peak Lodge is a great option for dining high up in the Malibu Hills. The hunting-themed lodge restaurant specializes in American cuisine, offers a full bar and is known for their crab cakes as well as outstanding wild game specialities such as buffalo tartare and elk tenderloin. Fireplaces and gorgeous mountain views make Saddle Peak Lodge a romantic retreat. It is elegant, perfect for larger parties, and is known for its wild-west setting and rustic atmosphere.

There are numerous hiking trails
Having been settled for over 10,000 years, the mountains were home to the Chumash- and nearby Tongva Native-American peoples for thousands of years. Thousands of artifacts from prehistoric times have been discovered in the mountains. Many artifacts have for instance been found in the Big Sycamore Canyon, a canyon connecting the Conejo Valley to the coast, which was a popular trading route for the Native-Americans. Today, Satwiwa is the name of a former Chumash village in southern Newbury Park at the foothills of Boney Mountain, a holy mountain for the Chumash people. The Satwiwa Native-American Indian Culture Center is still visited by the Chumash for events such as summer solstice and community dancing. With nearly a thousand acres of the Santa Monica’s located within the limits of Newbury Park, Newbury Park limousine customers often ride to Satwiwa for hiking or horseback-riding at the nearby Rocking K Horse Rentals. What’s better than riding into the sunset in the beautiful rolling hills of the Santa Monica Mountains? The Backbone Trail leaves from the Satwiwa area and crosses the mountains before reaching the ocean in Point Mugu. But fear not, you don’t have to hike all the 70 miles from the Conejo Valley to the Mugu Lagoon. There are numerous trailheads throughout the mountains where you can join in for a mile or two.

Whether you are looking for limos for rent in Calabasas, Pacific Palisades, Thousand Oaks or any Southern California city, we will be able to accommodate your needs for transportation. We offer a lowest-price-guarantee and besides limousines, we also offer LAX airport transfer, party bus services, LA to Las Vegas rides, and more!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Santa Barbara

There are so many activities to bring your children on, and to make even better, adding a luxurious Santa Barbara limo will leave an unforgettable birthday or other special event for kids. Here are some of our best ideas for best kid-friendly activities in the S.B. area!

Walk with the butterflies

The Goleta butterfly preserve is a gorgeous and memorable experience that gotta be tried out. Some early-risers using our Blackhawk Ventura limousine services headed up here recently for a birthday party. As they explained, when the sun rises, the butterflies wake up and one by one they leave the trees and fly down to the eucalyptus forest. There are numerous trails transversing the area, which easily makes for a full day of activities under the sun.

Outdoor Stearns Wharf film night

Kid-friendly movies are screened numerous places in the county, most notably outside at the Carpinteria Linden Field as well as at the end of the Stearns Wharf. Movies here usually run from July to September, and makes for a great semi-outdoor activity for the family.

Botanical Garden walk

Many Santa Barbara limo clients love the 5 acre botanical garden with gorgeous flowers and trees of all kinds. From a redwood forest to meadows of lupine and poppies, there are great opportunities for activities here, including picnicking for clients who decide to bring their own lunch baskets.

Whale-watching cruise

The Condor Express and the Island Packers are two services offering whale-watching cruises in the channel. Also departing from Ventura, this is a tremendously popular Ventura limousine destination. From a recent group of friends hiring an Oxnard party bus we heard how they witnessed “tons of dolphins, as well as migrating grey- and humpback whales”. Remember to bring a jacket or two!

Feed the ostriches!

Most visited on our exclusive Santa Ynez wine tour options, the town of Buellton is also home to OstrichLand U.S.A., a beloved kid-friendly farm where you can hand feed the ostriches! From a recent group flying in using our LAX sedan service we also discovered the great Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! As a kid-friendly version of a Santa Ynez wine tour, here you can taste all kinds of locally produced chocolates, including for instance caramel-covered apples and more. For the tourists that recently arrived and booked our LAX sedan service, they also added a visit to the Solvang Festival Theater just down the street for live outdoor entertainment..

Here at Blackhawk we have serviced all of Southern California for more than fifteen years, offering everything from sedans, town cars, limousines, and party buses. Whether you are searching for a wine-tasting tour or maybe an Oxnard party bus experience or other memorable event, we will prove to be the best choice you have in luxury transportation. We are not only the largest provider of limos in the area, but we are the top rated services, now also offered with an exclusive price-match-guarantee! Contact us to book your SoCal event today.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Exploring the Gorgeous Coastline

Traveling and exploring the Southern California Coast can be a lot of fun. Even more so in one of our exclusive limousines, sedans, or party bus vehicles. We serve all of Southern California: the American Rivera and the historic San Buenaventura are two coastal counties we love visiting. Located just sixty miles northwest of Los Angeles, California and thirty miles from Santa Barbara, the 18th century city of Ventura is a must visit for people exploring the SoCal coast. We would argue a highlight of this city would be the stroll through San Buenaventura Mission on Main Street, which is a popular choice for many Ventura limo clients of ours. Another local treasure is the County Museum of Art, which also features Chumash Indian artifacts as well as agricultural tools from historic times. Absolutely well worth checking out! The City of San Buenaventura has arguably the nicest and mildest climate of the southern coast, but contains a lively downtown, gorgeous seafront, great parks, gardens, laid-back beaches, and so much more. Many tourists arriving in LA using our LAX car service tell us when they reach the city: “The downtown area is so small and compact and nice. I love how you can park at one spot, and then walk to the shops and beaches of downtown”. Other popular destinations here include the fishing pier, Olivas Adobe, Albinger Archeological Museum, and so much more. A good start out point is the Visitor and Convention Bureau at South California Street, which can provide you with local information and maps of the area.

A hugely popular destination for LA and Santa Barbara limousine clients has been our vineyard trips throughout the region, for instance to the Malibu Canyons and the Santa Maria Valley. A trending alternative is our exclusive Santa Ynez wine tour, now offered with a price match guarantee, which will take you through the stunningly gorgeous winecountry found in the region. Many of our clients fall in love with the “Danish” village of Solvang, which also offers some great tastings. Other areas include Los Olivos, Lompoc, Las Alamos, Buellton, and so many more. These wineries and tasting venues are unlike anywhere in the world: less visited than most other winecountries, available for seclusive picnicking for example, and also is nested in gorgeous canyons and valleys, surrounded by oak trees and really beautiful nature. Amongst clientele going on our Santa Ynez wine tour, many bring their lunch for picnicking at the valleys largest winery, the Firestone Vineyard, which is a stone-trimmed architecturally elegant building featuring a courtyard with fountains and beautiful views of the valleys and surrounding areas. For dinner in the surrounding area, many Santa Barbara limousine customers decide on the Cold Spring Tavern, Mattei’s Tavern or the Valley Hunter Restaurant & Buffalo Saloon in Buellton. These are all great restaurants worth checking out.

Contact us today for any of your transportation needs. Whether it’s a tasting trip, LAX car service, bachelor- or bachelorette parties, wedding services, corporate transportations, concerts, a party bus night with friends, - No matter the occasion, our services are available 24/7 and we are proud to not only be the largest, but also top rated provider of LA, SB, and Ventura limo services. Call us today to experience the Southern California coast in an unforgettable and luxurious way!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Experience Santa Barbara’s Wine Country!

Our chauffeurs number one favorite destinations are those consisting of touring the gorgeous vineyards found right here in Santa Barbara County. Having had the pleasure of providing tasting tours in this region for over twenty years, you can definitely rest assure your experience will be none less than exceptional with our limousine service. Our tours in areas such as Santa Ynez, Los Olivos and other towns in the Santa Maria- and Santa Ynez Valleys are a terrific way to explore the gorgeous vineyards, bond with friends, taste some amazing wines, take your loved one for a day he or she won’t forget, etc. Our Santa Ynez wine tour we are proud to say is not only an award-winning tour offer, but it has been covered in numerous local publications and become a hugely popular choice for many riding with Santa Barbara limo services. All are tours are offered with our exclusive price-match-guarantee, and you have a great selection in vehicles to choose from. For smaller groups, maybe a sedan or SUV is sufficient? For a few friends, or just stepping up the luxuriousness, why not pick one of our stretch limousines? For larger groups of people, we offer various party bus options as well as our stretch Hummer limos.

Book you wine-tasting adventure today!
Among some of the most popular vineyards in the county are the Bridlewood Estate-, Firestone- and Sunstone Wineries. While Bridlewood and Sunstone are located in Santa Ynez, Firestone Vineyard is in nearby Los Olivos, also in the valley serviced on our Santa Ynez wine tour options. If you haven’t experienced the beautiful wine-country right here in our backyard, you have a lot of exploring to do! While most tourists and other visitors in general flock to the wineries of Napa, Sonoma and also to an extent Temecula, the vineyards of for example the Santa Maria Valley have few visitors and can therefore provide a more real tasting experience than some of the more overcrowded tasting-rooms elsewhere. Here, in sunny Southern California, you can bring your friends and picnic basket, head on out to the vineyards for some great picnicking under the great California oaks. You not only get more nature to yourself, but the wineries’ own experts tend to have more time for each visitor. Several of the wineries and tasting-rooms here also offer great entertainment, such as musical performances, stand-up comedy, movie screenings, and more. Be sure to ask us about upcoming or popular events when reserving your party bus or limousine service. Similarly, some wineries also offer dining with the wines while others don’t. There are relatively few restaurants in the area, so planning for food in advance may be a good idea when touring the vineyards.

The Old Mission is a popular destination for wedding clientele.
Besides the great vineyards of the inland, many clients also love the tasting-rooms found spread throughout Santa Barbara. The Deep Sea Tasting Room also offers the unique experience of sipping wines at Stearns Wharf looking out towards the Pacific Ocean while listening to the waves hit the shore. A similar experience can be offered at Rosenthal Estate Wines in the city of Malibu. We also offer tasting-tours to various other Southern California destinations. Contact us today, the largest and top rated Santa Barbara limo service, to set up your vineyard-adventure!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Experience Oxnard, California!

Along with the county seat of Ventura, the Southern California City of Oxnard is the main city along the coast in Ventura County. This gorgeous coastal city offers one of the most dazzling scenic drives in SoCal, and is conveniently located between Los Angeles to the south and Santa Barbara to the north. As the highest ranked Oxnard limo service, no one knows nor loves the City of Oxnard more than us at Blackhawk Limousine and Transportation. We have been fortunate enough to serve this outstanding community for more than twenty years. Being the most populous community in the county, with more than 200,000 inhabitants as of the 2010 U.S. Census, the city has something to offer for any occasion. Being located on the extremely fertile Oxnard Plain, the City of Oxnard is also a huge agricultural center in Southern California. As an example, Oxnard produces more than twenty percent of all strawberries grown in the State of California! With its beautiful Mediterranean climate and varied terrain, you can find everything from beautiful sandy beaches, wetlands, creeks, dunes and the Santa Clara River all in close proximity to the city. Some of the great beaches so often visited by our Ventura limousine service include Hollywood Beach, Oxnard State Beach, Silver Strand State Beach, Mandalay State Beach, and McGrath State Beach.

Besides all the great beachin’, there are tons of other popular Oxnard limo destinations. For example, if you happen to be interested in history and older structures, the Heritage Square is a popular choice. Being a major Oxnard tourist destination, the Heritage Square is home to a museum, restaurant, a wine tasting room, and more than twenty other businesses. The Heritage Square, being such a beautiful and historic gem in Downtown Oxnard has also become a relatively popular wedding destination in recent years. Many of our Ventura limo clients love the summer concerts held here every Friday between six and eight, which are held from June through August. If you are one to rather be into recreational activities, there are also numerous options to select from in the Oxnard area. Having been officially nicknamed the “Gateway to the Channel Islands”, the community is a popular hub for those traveling to the Channel Islands National Park, which is located just eleven miles off shore. The ferries leaving for the islands depart from Oxnard’s one and only harbor, the Channel Islands Harbor. Other recreational activities here include guided kayaking trips and kayak rentals, dolphin and whale watching ferries, and numerous great golf courses, maybe particularly the well-known River Ridge Golf Club.

Once called the Land of Everlasting Summers when discovered by the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Oxnard has got its present day name from the Oxnard brothers who built a sugar beet factory in Oxnard in 1898. As a matter of fact, Henry Oxnard’s beet sugar industry was the first one to be established in America! The community has been known for centuries as one of California’s premier agricultural communities, but a recent growth in tourism has many believing Oxnard will emerge as a huge competitor in tourism on the Southern California coast, maybe especially among those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere than what is found in other coastal communities. As its beaches are not as crowded and popularized as counterparts in Los Angeles- and Ventura counties, it makes for a great beach and/or surfing destination. Another emerging destination for clientele booking with Oxnard car service is the Fisherman’s Wharf, which offers great dining, whale watching excursions, kayak rentals, the Ventura County Martine Museum, and much more! And best of all, being located less than sixty miles north of LA, Oxnard is a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is easily reached from major nearby cities. Several clients utilizing our Oxnard limo services have told us about all the great movies filmed in the Oxnard area. Not only did Rudolph Valentino film the movie the Sheikh on the beach here, but Valentino fell in love with the community and bought a beach house at Hollywood Beach. Later on, numerous Hollywood stars and celebrities followed. Clark Gable later also bought a vacation home in Oxnard and John Wayne mentioned Oxnard as his favorite fishing spot. Other celebrities vacationing in Oxnard in the early days include both Marilyn Monroe and also Charlie Chaplin. Political activist César Chávez grew up in the community, which also has been the home of the animation director for the Simpsons, Rich Moore, and numerous other celebrities.

For Ventura limo clientele with a passion for museums, Oxnard has a lot to offer. Some popular museums include the Carnegie Art Museum, the Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife, the Elite Theatre Company, the Channel Islands Martime Museum, the Seabee Museum, the Gull Wings Children’s Museum, and many more. The Herzog Winery and Wine Cellar is the largest collection of fine kosher wines in the United States and has become a popular LA wine-tour destination for many using our Oxnard car service. The Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center is not only home to the New West Symphony and Oxnard Independent Film Festival, but also recently the annual Channel Islands Tall Ships Festival. Another emerging destination for our Ventura limousine service has been the Oxnard Salsa Festival. For airport transfers and transportation, Blackhawk Limousine and Transportation services both the regional Oxnard Airport (OXR), LAX, and all other Southern California airports.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Top Rated Camarillo Limo Service


Blackhawk Limousine is tremendously proud of being rated the top rated Camarillo limo service. We have served clientele throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties for more than twenty years, and for instance also offer the largest selection and top rated Ventura limo service as well. Camarillo offers a variety of activities and is known for its natural beauty and great Mediterranean climate. A tremendously popular Camarillo limo destination is the Camarillo Ranch House, where an increasing amount of our wedding clients pick as their location for weddings and reception venues.

The Camarillo Ranch House itself is preserved in the decor of the Victorian age, and weddings are conducted here every month of the year. The property is known for its lavish flower gardens and towering trees, three of which were planted before 1900 and appear on the California Historic Tree Registry. Although the lawn between the bunya bunya and the Norfolk pine can host over 2,000 guests, many wedding limo clients decide rather to conduct their wedding beneath the grand boughs of the Morton Bay fig. Channel Islands National Park, the Los Padres National Forest, the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area and plentiful of golf courses are located in area as well. The Camarillo Ranch House was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2003. 
Other limousine clients utilizing our Camarillo limo service head to the famous Camarillo Premium Outlets and its more than 125 upscale retail shops. The Camarillo Premium Outlets is an incredibly popular shopping destination and is also recognized as one of the largest outlet malls in the State of California. Camarillo is also home to specialized smaller stores as well as old fashioned farmers markets that take place every Saturday morning on Ventura Boulevard in Old Town Camarillo. For Camarillo clientele requesting an airport transfer, Blackhawk Limousine offers transportation service options to Camarillo Airport for visits to Channel Islands National Park, as well as all other airports in Southern California, including but not limited to LAX, Burbank Bob Hope Airport, Santa Barbara Airport, etc.
In addition to being the largest and top rated Camarillo limo provider, Blackhawk Limousine & Transportation Service is also proud of being also the top rated limousine provider in other cities in Ventura County. Feel free to for instance checking out our award-winning Oxnard limo service for more information about our transportation services in the City of Oxnard. Whether you are looking for luxurious transportation for your bachelorette party, birthday party, wedding limo services, an airport transfer or maybe just for a night out?? Blackhawk Limousine has our reservation specialists on standby 24/7 every day of the week for your convenience. For more information, feel free to read more about our Ventura limo service options, our Oxnard limo service destinations, or our Camarillo limo options. Blackhawk Limousine offers limousine and speciality transportation throughout all of Ventura County, including cities such as Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, El Rio, Moorpark, Oak Park, Camarillo, Ojai, Ventura, Oxnard, Fillmore, Santa Paula, Newbury Park, and more. Call us today for a free quote!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blackhawk Limo | Cold Spring Tavern

For us at Blackhawk Limousine Santa Barbara, we get tons of calls from locals, celebrities, and tourists using our LA limo service. From all the VIP transportation we do in the Santa Barbara region, we learn about many of the great hidden gems. One of them is the Cold Spring Tavern. This great restaurant on Stagecoach Road in Santa Barbara has been a popular tavern since it was built in the 1880’s as a stagecoach stop for wagons traveling the mountains to reach Santa Barbara. It is secluded and rustic, located in a smaller canyon in the mountains of Santa Barbara County. While it was previously most visited by horse and wagons, it’s now mostly visited by cars, tons of Harley Davidson’s, as well as numerous clients utilizing our limousine service in Santa Barbara or Ventura Limo Service. The tavern is nestled in a gorgeous narrow and shady canyon among huge pine trees and oaks close to Los Olivos in the Santa Ynez Valley. A large amount of our Santa Barbara wine tour customers choose to stop here on the way to or from the great wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley. It is fairly difficult to find, on San Marcos Pass, which is north of Highway 154, you really have to be on the look out to see the sign for Stagecoach Road Inn. Turn left here, then follow the relatively poorly marked road to the right and down to the canyon. However, customers utilizing our limousine service Santa Barbara have absolutely nothing to fear. We are well versed on the area because this is a tremendously popular location for LA limo customers looking for an intimate and romantic setting.

The Cold Spring Tavern has definitely changed a lot since the times of the late 1880’s when the restaurant functioned as a relay station for stagecoaches that came here to the top of the San Marcos Pass to experience a traditional Old West meal. Much has changed since then, while other things have not. You can in fact still see the steps of the old stagecoaches here and the building is as rustic as secluded as it was in 1886. Well, sort of. It does host live musical performances every Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. And it might be more of the rich and famous of Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Hollywood using Ventura limo or limousine Santa Barbara that come here. Well, and the menu has changed. Well, sort of anyway's. They offer really great steaks such as sautéed elk steak, rabbit, traditional buffalo burgers, wild boar, venison home-made sausage, and more modern options, as ribs, steaks, filets, and much more, all with their own fabulous BBQ-sauce. The Cold Spring Tavern is also home to a gift shop and a bar, which is also visited by motorcyclists and is a popular hang out spot from many celebrities in the region, including many using our Limousine Santa Barbara services. The bar is available for dancing both inside and outside and is a tremendously popular limo Santa Barbara destination. The Cold Spring Tavern Restaurant is open seven days a week and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For a date, snuggle up to the wood burning fire place and dine underneath the romantic lamplight. Our humble lunch suggestions would be to check out their sausage burger, steak sandwich or traditional buffalo burger. For dinner, baby ribs, steak, grilled chicken, pasta and seafood are great choices. For the more adventurous Santa Barbara limo customers, try out their wild game or maybe their wild boar tenderloin? Many like to round off with a great dessert such as their apple cobbler or pecan pie.

Blackhawk Limousine Santa Barbara is tremendously proud of not only being the top rated Limousine Service Santa Barbara, but also a best rated Ventura limo service. We service all of Southern California and we are available 24/7.